The Future

In 2016 the Trustees commissioned a project to investigate whether the Alice Cross of today has adapted to the changes since it was founded almost 40 years ago. It aimed to give a clearer direction for the Alice Cross Centre and the basis for a more integrated approach with other local organisations in addressing the needs of older people in the community.

The aims and objectives were:

  • To help provide clear focus and direction to the Alice Cross’s future development and activities.
  • To identify needs in the ‘older’ community which can be addressed by the Alice Cross.
  • With a view to the future, to identify unmet needs in other areas in which the Alice Cross may be able to assist.
  • To help us assess how those needs could be met, which would form part of the Alice Cross business plan.
  • To encourage cooperative activities between relevant agencies.

To read more about the project and how will continue to consult with the over fifties to take us forward please visit:


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