Alice’s Kitchen

The Alice Cross Centre has always known the importance of food.

Meals bring people together, they get people talking and most importantly people relax- take some time out to enjoy food.

The Alice Cross Centre has a great Cook- Nicky who has been with us over 3 years now.

She works with a fabulous team of Volunteers who produce great home cooked food.

Since the Pandemic in 2020, our lunches have had to change, we now cook three meals a week (Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Fri/Sundays) these meals are delivered to the homes of Vulnerable people in the community by Volunteer drivers.

Before the Pandemic the Alice Cross Centre ran many events and activities where food was the focus- Afternoon Teas, Dances and Discos, Curry nights, Drive and Dines (Very popular). we are re

ally looking forward to running these again in the not too distant future.

Group of people sitting at table eating lunch
A superb lunch!