Air Fryer Course – New Dates!


As part of our series of FREE Air Fryer events, we now have 2 more dates for you to book on to.  The course is FREE and lasts 2 hours.  You will learn how to optimise the use of your air-fryer and learn some new recipes and techniques.  We will send you home at the end of the night with a goodie bag, full of ingredients for you to recreate the recipe you’ve learned at home.

To give everyone an opportunity to attend we ask that you please only book on to one course.


We have spaces on the 11th of March from 6-8pm


or the 18th of March from 6pm – 8pm.

“I have just attended this event this evening, and wanted to share a quick review. The thing that is immediately obvious when you arrive is how much thought and planning has gone into this event. I do not own and air fryer but have watched the documentaries and read the hype. I was not sure that I needed another kitchen appliance cluttering up my kitchen. But I am happy to report that I am converted. This course gives a really good introduction to the air fryer …what it is and what it does…followed by a demonstration of how to cook with it…with a chance to sample the results. The goodie bag that you get to take home is also really well thought out. It is all true….it is cheaper, quicker and makes healthier food….what is not to like!!?? I have to run…I am off to log into a well-known on-line retailer to buy my own. I strongly encourage you to attend this event if you are a beginner, expert, sceptic or just curious.” A Happy Customer