Play the Alice Cross Lottery for a chance to win £25,000

Would you like to win £25,000 and help The Alice Cross?

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The Alice Cross has been providing local support to vulnerable older people in Teignmouth and the surrounding area for over 70 years. We have always been there supporting people by making later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. We aim to be the community centre of choice for improved health and well being for all.

Between now and Christmas all proceeds will be used for the “A Little bag of Christmas Joy” project. 

This will provide parcels to local older and vulnerable people in our community who will be isolated and alone at Christmas

 We will also make a donation to a local group or charity each month.

“Our doors may have been shut to the public since the end of March but our heart has carried on beating.  Our wonderful staff and volunteers will carry on working throughout the lock down, manning our Covid-19 helpline as well as cooking and delivering fresh meals and food parcels to the people of Teignmouth.”

Please do support this lottery and Good Luck!

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