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Over the years at the Alice Cross Centre, we have provided hot meals through our weekday lunch club and frozen meal service.  Sadly, during the Covid crisis, we have been unable to do this at the centre; instead, we have been referring people to and supporting The Whistlestop Café and Cllr Matthews who have been preparing and delivering hot meals directly to the homes of those who needed the support during lockdown.

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Ed one of our many volunteers delivering hot meals to vulnerable clients. We provide funding to Melissa and the Whistlestop Cafe


The long-term effects of the lockdown and a potential second wave will undoubtedly see many more people in Teignmouth needing extra support.  We have already seen a 13% increase in unemployment in parts of Newton Abbot area. (Newton Abbot Mutual Aid, 2020).Throughout the UK there is a predicted 1.1 million people who will end up in food poverty, including a further 200,000 children as a result of the economic fallout from the pandemic (Institute for Public Policy, 2020). The Bank of England are projecting that unemployment in the UK is likely to reach 10% in the final quarter of this financial year. Globally the business analysis group IHS MArkit predicts a shrinking of around 25% of the world food supply chain, which will likely have some impact on the UK.




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Going forward The Alice Cross Centre will be identifying those people who are still vulnerable who may be returning from hospital , Suffering with depression or other mental health problems, have Dementia or those who struggling to make meals for themselves because of financial hardship. We would then like to offer those people, the most vulnerable in our community, an affordable freshly made, nutritious meal using fresh ingredients and prepared with love.

Our cook and volunteer kitchen staff preparing Christmas meals for the people of Teignbridge

Alongside this meal service, we would like to set up a community larder and use the centre to hold small community events promoting food sharing and providing community support to our vulnerable residents. Another idea would be to recruit befrienders who could cook for, or help with cooking for a person who has been isolated throughout the Covid Crisis and may need extra support to get back on their feet.

We are working with other local food providers, supermarkets, and charities to share what we have, to share donations and work with community allotments to make sure nothing gets wasted.



The Alice Cross is a small charity and cannot do the work we do without the support from donations.  A £5 donation today would pay for a healthy, nutritious 2-course meal for a vulnerable person in Teignmouth.

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