Lose it for Lent

Lose it for lent at the Alice Cross Social Centre

We are looking for quality items that can be sold at a table top sale we will be hosting on

Saturday 18th of April at 1pm – 4pm.

Over the period of lent we are asking individuals to join us in a mass de-clutter and then donate any good quality items  that they no longer need to the Alice Cross.

From pre-loved to re-loved!

Once lent has finished we will be organising an indoor table top sale so that your pre-loved items can be re-loved once again!

Preferred Collection dates:

On these dates we will have staff and volunteers available to sort and store the donations. If these dates do not suit you then please call us on 01626 778039 to arrange another drop off date.

Wednesday the 4th march (Between 10am and 2pm)
Wednesday the 18th of March (Between 10am and 2pm)
Wednesday the 8th April (Between 10am and 2pm)


The aim is to get 40 items in 40 days, however we would be extremely grateful for all quality donations that will help raise much needed funds for your favourite local charity!

Thank you!

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