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Being at home does not mean you need to be bored.  There are thousands of online resources to suit all tastes.  I have scoured the internet to bring you some of the best online exhibitions and tours, as well as courses which you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. So put the kettle on, and immerse yourself in some art and culture.

Monet’s house and gardens

Claude Monet is lauded as the the founder of the French Impressionist movement, and famous for his 250 water lily paintings.

Claude Monet


In March, Time out  magazine alerted us to news that the Fondation Claude Monet is offering a virtual tour of Claude Monet’s idyllic, rural French house and gardens, where he created many of his most celebrated works.  The house is situated in the Norman village of Giverny, but the powers of the internet can take you there in a click of a button!

The House


Wikipedia page

Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul and virtual art exhibition

Image of Frida Kahlo by Eugenio Hansen, OFS from Pixabay

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits and work inspired by nature and Mexican artefacts.  In recent years her work has become very popular, and her image is popping up all over the place (which is ironic since she was a staunch communist and would probably resent her image being used to sell just about anything!).

Fridha Kahlo was born in the Coyoacán district of Mexico city in the house known as the Casa Azul (Blue House).  It is here where she created most of her works and where she died.  Her story is quite tragic. As a child she contracted Polio, then later on was involved in a terrible accident which left her severely disabled and in constant pain for the rest of her life. She painted many of her paintings from her bed, using mirrors to paint her self portraits. She famously said “I am my own muse”.

Thanks to modern technology you can now visit the Casa Azul virtually by clicking here

The tour takes you around the house, letting you explore her living quarters, the famous yellow kitchen where Leon Trotsky came to tea, and her bedroom where she spent many years in convalescence.


For a closer look at the many faces of Frida Kahlo through her life, art and legacy and a chance to view 800 world by the Mexican artist click here.

To learn more about Frida Kahlo, click here.


From the sublime to the ridiculous? 

Free Image by freeillustrated from Pixabay

Have you every wondered about the representation of Cats in art?

Look no further! The Universal Museum of Art had compiled an online exhibition exploring the history of Cats in art. The Exhibition is spread across 4 virtual rooms of a fictional Parisian style house, and includes 75 works from Ancient Egypt to modern day, including works from Manet, Renoir, Delacroix and Courbet.  Purrfect for cat and art lovers.

Click here to view this exhibition.






A collection of classics


View classical paintings from Artists such as Van Gogh, Pierre Bonard, Gaugain, and Picasso in this online collection.

Click here to view.





Google Arts and Culture

Google arts and culture is an excellent resource. It allows you to explore collections, artworks and places from over 80 countries. The link below will take you there, and you could end up spending weeks, if not years investigating the vast collections.

You can even take the experience further by viewing things in Augmented reality, which uses tools such as 3d photography to give you a sense of “being there”.

Click Here to visit the site.


More virtual tours

Back in April 2020, the Royal Academy published this list of virtual exhibition tours available to watch from the comfort of your own home.  Sadly a couple of these tours are no longer available but I have compiled a list below of the ones that are:

Andy Warhol at the Tate Modern

Join the Curators at the Tate Modern, George Muir and Fiontán Moran, as they talk you through this 7 minute tour of the Andy Warhol exhibition. Andy Warhol was an American Artist, film director and producer famous for leading the Pop art movement.

You can also read all the text panels which accompany the exhibition.

Click here to visit the Tate Modern.

Read more about Andy Warhol here.





Raffaello, 1520 – 1483 at the Scuderie del Quirinale


Picasso and Paper at the RA


Tom Wudl: The Flowerbank world at L.A Louver


Edwards Hopper at Fondation Beyeler


The Boca Raton museum of art have a gallery of virtual exhibitions you can view here:


Fiona Tan: Time Without Clocks from Frith Street Gallery

Virtual Museum Tours

Image by canforaalessio from Pixabay

Time out magazine have selected 12 virtual museum tours from around the world which are well worth visiting.  Whether you fancy the wonders of the British Museum or a more quirky adventure through the Museum of Broken relationships, there is something for everyone on this list.


Virtual cultural tours

Image by Michael Kleinsasser from Pixabay

Lockdown has seen the closure of many of our worlds cultural assets.  Thanks to the magic of virtual tours you can explore a variety of Castles and Palaces at the click the button.

Time out magazine has compiled a list of 12 Castles and Palaces from around the world, which you can explore from home:

Image by loseitlady from Pixabay

Virtual days out

Staying in does not mean you have to miss out.  Many of us will have had to cancel our holidays this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Lucky for us, the wonders of modern technology can transport us to many of the UK’s favourite destinations. From the Roman Baths to Warner Studios this list of days out from AgeUK will keep you very busy!


BBC Arts and Culture

Over the last few months, The BBC have produced a collection of Culture in Quarantine programmes which are still available to view on the BBC iplayer.  Read about these here.

The BBC have also created a special ‘Culture in Quarantine’ website which brings Art and culture into your home.  Here you can view films, documentaries, plays, virtual galleries, creative workshops, Opera, Shakespeare and many other wonderful things.

Free online Art and Design courses

Free Image by bodobe from Pixabay

If you enjoy Art and Art history there are many FREE online courses you can take.  We have chosen a selection of these for you:

ART of the MOOC: Public Art and Pedagogy

Students of this course may try their hand at their own public art interventions, or simply focus on learning from the theory of public practice and its recent history. Designed by artist and Duke professor, Pedro Lasch, and co-taught by Creative Time artistic director, Nato Thompson, this course presents public culture and art in their radically reinenvented contemporary forms. The lectures link major developments of recent decades to wider topics like spatial politics, everyday social structures, and experimental education.

Also included are guest presentations from key thinkers and practitioners, like: Tania Bruguera, Claire Doherty, Tom Finkelpearl, Hans Haacke, Shannon Jackson, Suzanne Lacy, Rick Lowe, and many more. As the ‘ART of the MOOC’ title implies, learners and participants are encouraged to treat the MOOC itself as a public art medium. This happens mostly through the course’s practical components, local project productions, global exchanges, and critical feedback.

While no prior art making experience is required, projects also offer challenging options for advanced learners.”

Other Art and Design Courses from Class Central.

If this course doesn’t take your fancy then there are 829 other Art and Design courses from The University of Sheffield, Universitat Politècnica de València, University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of the Arts and other top universities around the world all available for free here:

Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Free Image by kerttu from Pixabay

Explore the archaeology, history, art, and hieroglyphs surrounding the famous Egyptian Pyramids at Giza. Learn about Old Kingdom pharaohs and elites, tombs, temples, the Sphinx, and how new technology is unlocking their secrets.”

Have you ever wondered how the Great Pyramids at Giza were built? Join Harvard University on this online journey to ancient Egypt’s most famous archaeological site. The Suggested work load is approximately 2 – 4 hours a week, and the course is 8 weeks long.  However you can do as much or as little as you like, which is the beauty of these online courses.  The course is free but they will try to sell you a certificate at the end which then verifies your learning.  You do not need to buy the certificate.

Click here to access the course

Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime

Learn how art is stolen, trafficked, found, and returned in this interesting free course from the University of Glasgow via Futurelearn.


“From fakes and fraud, to thefts and trafficking, art crime has turned archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria into “lunar landscapes”, decapitated Buddha sculptures in Cambodia and left empty frames on museum walls. So how do we protect our heritage from theft, illegal sale, and destruction? Delve into the world of art crime and antiquities trafficking with this online course, and get answers from those fighting to save the world’s precious artefacts.”

The suggested workload for the course is 3 hours a week, and the course is 3 weeks long.

Click here to  access the course.




Comics: Art in Relationship

Join Matt Silady from the California College of Arts for this self-paced online course on the Comic book medium.

“Comics are one of the most popular and exciting ways to tell a story. This course offers a look at the fundamental building blocks of the comic book medium. Exploring panel to panel transitions, text to image relationships, and the intricacies of page layouts, students will examine new and innovative ways to bring their stories to life.

This course is designed for both beginning and advanced visual artists. Whether students have tried their hand at comics before or are simply interested in investigating how comics work, this course will provide insights to help storytellers make the most of every page.”

To access the course click here.

Age of Cathedrals

Yale University are offering this course FREE via Coursera.

The course starts on the 13th of July and runs for 9 weeks, with a recommended 4 hours work a week.

An introduction to some of the most astonishing architectural monuments the world has ever known—Gothic cathedrals. We shall study the art, literature, intellectual life, economics, and new social arrangements that arose in the shadow of the cathedrals and that were such an important part of the revival of cities in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The goal of the course is a better appreciation of the High Middle Ages, a world that is still recognisably our own.

Click here to access the course


Explore Art

Explore a different aspect of art everyday with this lovely website. Created by the Canadian conceptual artist Keri Smith you can participate in different assignments every day. You can also look back through the archives at previous assignments.

Click here to visit the website.









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