About The Alice

Where the Alice Cross Started! 

In the period after the Second World War, when Alice Cross created the centre her aim was to bring older people together, to provide friendship, a good lunch and a helping hand when needed.  It soon became a local resource for people over 50, mainly in the Teignmouth area.

These principals are still at the heart of what we do today.

Our aim is to further the well-being of the residents of Teignmouth  by providing a Community centre with meals, activities and clubs all week. We are also a community Centre open to the public and other community groups.

         However we also do much, much more.

Today the Alice Cross Centre is not only about the poor or the old.

It is about people of all ages and all backgrounds.

The Alice has a range of activities and services for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you want to take part or get involved by volunteering we would love to hear from you.