Why I volunteer for The Alice Cross


Welcome to the world of “Mrs Wobble the waitress.” I’m Pat, 68 years old, retired and a very happy volunteer at The Alice Cross.

I’m part of a growing team of volunteers and users of the facilities that The Alice Cross provides. All this is possible because the small paid team of manager Julia,  Alison, and Yvonne who encourage us, trust us, motivate us and indeed value us. So become a volunteer, we really are a Win-Win Team!


My name is Sheila Malynn. I have taught Keep fit and Aqua Fit for about 40 years all told. I still teach aqua at the Cliffden Hotel 3 times a week. I have done a course in Yoga.

I will be taking Sitting Exercises at Alice Cross on Mondays 1:15-1:45. These exercises are to help keep the body moving and increase circulation and balance. Also, to come along and enjoy the company and have fun.


Maureen Harty

My name is Maureen Harty, I moved down to Teignmouth in May 2019. I only knew family down here, so I wanted to meet new people. I had volunteered in Wisbech for 11 years.

I came to the Alice Cross in September and I immediately felt so at home. Everyone is so friendly and lovely, and I have made good friends already. We had a lovely Christmas party here and I got to meet other people who volunteer on other days. I would recommend volunteering to everyone and if you are lucky enough you may come to The Alice Cross.


Hi, I’m Daphne, a volunteer at the Alice Cross Centre. After moving to Teignmouth, I wanted to meet new people and make new friends, volunteering here has helped me to do this. I enjoy serving lunches, chatting to everyone and doing ad-hoc tasks. One of my highlights was handing out leaflets whilst following Alice Cross’ very own troupe of belly dancers as they performed in the local carnival, it was great fun! The Alice Cross Centre is a lovely place to volunteer, socialise and be entertained. Why not come along and give volunteering a go, like I have?



If you would be interested in volunteering with us at the Alice Cross centre then why not give us a call on 01626 778039 for more information.  We have many different roles available, with as few or as many hours as you would like to give.  Our volunteer coordinator Yvonne will be happy to show you around and answer any of your questions.