Looking to the future

The idea of forward planning for our death is far from our minds when we are healthy and leading full lives. Most of us don’t think about death until there is a threat, either to ourselves or to those we love. Nobody knows when they will die but it will happen at some time. So often people die without giving any guidance as to their wishes. Thus family and friends are left wondering what the deceased would have liked.

On Wednesday the 11th of October between 2pm and 4pm we are holding a workshop to consider these matters, such as making a will & planning a funeral. Sarah Chapman, an experienced celebrant, teacher and author, will lead us.

Cake & tea will be served. There is no charge but donations to Alice Cross would be welcome

You can register for the event here:

or by calling the Alice Cross Centre on 01626 778039.

Below you will find the accompanying booklet designed to go with the event.  You can also download a copy here.