Zumba Gold at the Alice

Zumba Gold will be restarting at the Alice Cross Centre on Wednesday the 20th of April at 9.30am. 

Come along to the Alice Cross for a fun and vibrant Latin and world rhythm based dance exercise class.  Zumba Gold is a lower impact version of Zumba, but you still get a full workout.  Classes are run by Peta and are held in the main hall every Wednesday at 9.30am and Friday at 1.30pm. Classes last for 45 minutes.  Please come dressed for an exercise class, with trainers or plimsoles (no heels!).  Water is provided but it’s a good idea to bring your own bottle.

Please call 778039 to book your place (not essential but it helps us to keep track of who is coming)

Class is only £3.50 a session – what a bargain!